Any time you hunt with us it can be great or slow. Until the day is over then I can tell you for sure. We’ve had world class hunts for geese in Sept. and also in Jan. Same thing with ducks, early Oct or the last day of the season. The best time to go is when your schedule allows you to.

Yes, as long as those in your group are OK with it and the dog behaves it is no problem. Please let us know though. We have highly trained retrievers of needed.

Yes, To hunt any Migratory birds in Michigan your gun can hold no more then 3 shells all together. One in the chamber and 2 in the magazine. Just because you only put 3 shells in it is still a law violation if you can put more in after the first 3 shells. So you need a plug.

We get booked more on weekends because of work issues with clients. But I try to get folks to book during the week, this way other hunters will be at a minimum and give us a good opportunity for a unmolested hunt by other hunters.