Yes, the D.N.R. requires anyone 17 or older to have on their person a valid fishing license plus an all species license or a one day license if you are fishing for Salmon or Trout. To purchase your on-line license click here. We also have daily licenses on board too.

We furnish all fishing gear, rods, reels, lures etc.

Well that probably won’t happen. I’ve yet to have that happen. But if it does, we would reschedule for another date at my expense!

Yes, enclosed for your privacy.

We have a 3100 open Tiara 31′ long and 12′ wide. This boat was design for the Great Lakes Charter Captain. It is powered by 2 big block Chevy 454’s. Fishing area is clear of all obstacles 7’x12′ . This boat easily accommodates 6 passengers plus crew. Walker downriggers with temp. sense, GPS, Sonar [fish finder], Marine radio, loran, Ray Marine Auto Pilot and much more.

If charter must be canceled for weather related problems, we will reschedule if possible. The Boat and the Captain can handle rough water, but it’s not very fun for most. Your input on this matter as we view the lake will weigh highly on the decision to fish. The Captain wants you to have a good time. That means if you’re uncomfortable we will turn back!!!! Once the decision to fish is made if we must come back due to sea sickness as long as the Lake and conditions have not changed for the worse you will be responsible for the Minimum charge for the trip.

The Captain or the mate or both will clean [ filet ] and bag your fish. Custom Cleaning will have a small fee such as steaking etc.

Yes, which ever trip you take, 5hr or 7hr trip you will get hungry and thirsty. It’s better to have too much then not enough.

Anytime you can is good. If you want to target a particular species here’s a short time table.

  • Coho Salmon— April, May, August
  • King Salmon–April, May, July, August
  • Steelhead–May, June, July, August
  • Lake Trout–May, June, July, August
  • Brown Trout— April, July, August

Over the counter products such as Dramamine can be found at most gas stations. If you have concerns about these products consult your physician.

Yes, But if anyone in your party becomes overly intoxicated the charter will be cut short and the full rate will be incurred by your party. Your safety is my responsibility.

Well your discretion on this is completely yours. Normally the Mate works for nominal wages and not unlike a waitress, tips make up a good part of their income for there efforts. Use your own judgment on this.

Click here to view our recommended lodging list.

I have included a map to the boat on my area lodging page. Just go to the bottom of this page and click on Lodging. If you have any problems with the location feel free to Email or call.

Yes, who do you think we are? Ohio?! Here is the link to the Michigan DNR