Lake Michigan boat cruises and sunset cruises.

Come join us for a scenic Lake Michigan boat cruise.

It's a great way to enjoy a couple hours of your day while visiting with friends and family.

The cruise will start with a trip down the St. Joseph river going by the Coast Guard station and the CSX railroad trestle that was made in 1904. Then through the piers where the Benton Harbor Light House stands. With a south turn you can see why people from all over the U.S. flock to St. Joseph's Silver Beach.  There is no lack of things to do on the beach as you can see while cruising by all the folks soaking up their day basking in the sun. A turn to the North gives you a great look at some beautiful beach front properties. These properties are worth several million dollars and were built with a touch of Nature to blend in well with the beach front. Jean Klock beach park is next and like Silver beach the sand is just perfect and it's all natural. Sand dunes also dress up this beautiful park. Now back to the river and a cruise up Morrison channel as you look at all the boats and their names and places. Then back to the dock. A great way to spend a few hours taking a Lake Michigan view of things.

Cruises start at $60 per person with a $240 minimum  for 2 hours, no more then 6 people total per boat. Longer cruises upon request. We can get multiple boats for bigger parties. Call 517-617-0282 for details and dates