What we provide

#1 Hot fields and waterholes where the ducks and geese want to be.

#2decoys [ full body, water, silhouettes, flags, etc....

#3 Blinds [ layouts, duck blinds, etc...
#4 expert calling to get them in your face. 



What you provide

#1 Firearm, we advise at least 12 ga. or bigger. 
#2 licenses, State small game, state waterfowl and Federal waterfowl.   
#3 clothes, warm, cold and foul weather clothes in camouflage.
#4 water hunts, a good pair of waders.
#5 Recommended Shot size... For geese use BB, BBB Steel shot and for ducks bring #2 steel. If you are using. Heavy shot,  you can use #2's for geese and  #4's or #6's for ducks
#6 We also recommend your gun to be thoroughly cleaned before the hunt. Nothing breaks a hunters heart more then a gun that won't function when the waterfowl  start flying. 

Remember guns can only hold 3 shells and by law if you only have 3 shells in your gun but it will hold more then you are in violation.


Guide fee's

Goose hunts early and regular season- $175 per gun $525 minimum during the week. $200 a gun for weekends and holidays with $600 minimum.
Duck hunts- $175 per gun $525 minimum weekdays. $200 a gun for weekends and holidays with $600 minimums.
Goose hunts late season $175 per gun $525 minimum during the week. $200 a gun for weekends and holidays with $600 minimum.
Opening weekend of early goose, late goose and regular duck seasons is $225 per gun with a $675 minimum
If you are short on your group let us know and we can possibly fill up the hunt with hunters from our call list.
3 day combination Waterfowl and Whitetail hunts. Call for details
3 day waterfowl ducks/geese hunts including Motel with double occupancy. Call for details
Exclusive or private goose or duck hunts are 6 gun minimum or pay $900 during the week and $1050 on weekends if you have less then 6 guns. Holiday's or opening days pricing prevails, you and your party will have the hunt to yourselves with the guides and no other hunters will be added. Per gun fee still applies if it exceeds the exclusive price.
Tips are not included. If you enjoyed the hunt, it is customary to tip your guide. 20% is the norm
Deposit- A 50% deposit on the amount of hunters requested  holds your date. 4 weeks notice on any cancellations on hunts are required. If a hunter drops out we need the same 4 weeks notice to be able to fill their spot, otherwise their deposit will be retained. Cancellations with less then 2 weeks notice the whole fee is required and will be deducted from your credit card or added to your bill. Deposits are non refundable. If you have given the 4 weeks notice required or the weather has postponed your hunt, then your deposit can be forwarded to a later date. However, the deposit has to be used within one calendar year to date on another hunt.
5% fee if a credit card is used to pay total bill but not on deposits. Checks or cash preferred
Balance of fee's to be paid before the hunt begins!!!

Hunting Times

All hunts are AM only unless PM hunts are requested. Hunts generally run from the listed shooting hours in the morning till a limit or Noon. Early season birds may stop flying to fields by mid morning and the hunt may be called at that time. This is up to the guides discretion . Sometimes we do get to the hunting locations  quite a bit earlier then the listed shooting hours to get everything set up. These are working hunts, everyone helps. So if the meeting time seems early, that is probably is why.

 Corporate Package

  This includes local accommodations , an evening dinner with your guide at one of the local eateries. We also can take care of any extra's that you would like. These hunts are $300 per gun for  ducks or geese $1200.00 minimum. This is a great way to entertain prospective clients or employee's. These hunts are prepaid only at the time of booking .

Hunting Policy

 First of all I would like to thank you for considering us as your guide service. My hunt policy is as follows. Payment of the balance due for the hunt will happen at our meeting place in the morning before the hunt begins. When hunting wild game there is never a guarantee that the game will do what you expect and present a killing shot. Weather, other hunters and many other factors can have a major bearing on the movement or lack there of on the game being pursued. If you are looking to get a limit hunt on your game guaranteed, then you may want to look elsewhere.  Not that we don't shoot limits cause we do from time to time, but that is not what we are selling. We provide a professional guiding business and we take allot of pride in what we do. If you have done any amount of hunting you know that sometimes things just don't happen. When this happens, which it does from time to time, we still get paid and no discounts on future hunts. Slow days while hunting or fishing are facts we all know can happen. I spend a great deal of time scouting and gaining access to hot fields. When you hunt with me you can bet that I have done the necessary scouting to provide the best possible situation for a quality hunt, but mother nature has the final say and also sometimes other hunters can disrupt the normal habits of the game being hunted. These are hunting facts. Please have all people in your party read this hunting policy. 

Thank You 

Mike Boyd Owner/Operator



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